Would you like it if all your digital marketing tools were in one platform?

Do you use multiple marketing tools to carry out your marketing?  Are you using different tools for email marketing, social and blogging? How much are your digital marketing tools costing you and how are you measuring the impact of all your marketing efforts on those different tools?  Wouldn’t you just like to have everything in one dashboard?

What is an all in one marketing platform?

What is an all in one marketing platform?  Well, it is just what it says, all your digital tools all in one place, which has several obvious advantages.

  • All the tools you need are in the same place.
  • One login, one password.
  • One place for measuring all your marketing

ZYM is an all-in-one marketing platform that will help you design, execute and measure all your marketing campaigns in one place.  Just one login and no more wasting your time and money on multiple tools, with multiple platform logins and payments! You can connect your social channels, email & website to ZYM and plan, build and execute all your marketing from one place.  B2Bs can find new data from ZYM as well using the Contact Search tool. ZYM has a choice of marketing dashboards to suit SMEs of all sizes! Before we cover more about ZYM tools, we should say that you can create your own custom made ZYM marketing dashboard with just the tools that you need and therefore pay only for the tools you want, this is called ZYM Flex see more here. ZYM also provides set packages for SMEs depending on their business needs. Find out more here.

More about ZYM’s plans and bundles

The Lite bundle is all you need for a small business that wants to start marketing from an all in one dashboard. The marketing tools below are included in this package and are a great starter package at a great price for a business new to digital marketing or those who just need social scheduling, CRM and Emails all in one place.


  • CRM
  • Social media planner and scheduler
  • Email planner and scheduler
  • Blog planner and scheduler
  • Content planner and library
  • Website Intelligence
  • Reporting
  • Sales pipeline
  • And more – see all the tools in the Lite package here

The Pro package is for the business that is comfortable with digital marketing and wants to up their game with automated email marketing.  The Pro package will add more power to your marketing with the ability to send multiple email journeys at once, powerful segmentation and reporting insights tools and for B2Bs the Contact search tool will source new data and new leads.


  • All of the Lite package above plus
  • Contact Search – find new data contacts
  • Automated Email Journeys
  • Landing page builder
  • And more – see all the tools in the Pro package here


Pick your own tools, if it's a social media scheduler and email newsletter you need, then just choose that combination! Just pay for what you need and customise your dashboard with the tools that you need.  Find out more here.

Some of ZYM's Tools that will help you do marketing better

Social scheduler – plan, design, schedule and measure your social from ZYM, with an eagle's eye view on your measurements, find out the impact your social media is having and whether your calls to action are working. Email scheduler – design, plan and schedule your email and measure impact and insights from ZYM, track the website visits and whether your calls to action have been followed.

Blog scheduler – create, publish and measure all your blogs from ZYM.  Never lose a blog again, you can update any blog you have previously published and republish your thoughts in an updated blog.

Content calendar – Plan all your content  in line with your quarterly or monthly marketing campaigns and see clearly how everything you produce is working towards your business goals and priorities, see in one view how your content fulfils your overarching plans.

Automated email journeys – run as many email marketing campaigns as you wish, use powerful segmentation to separate and target your lists in the way that makes sense for your marketing plans.

Sales pipeline – Hot leads will be added to your customisable pipeline as easy as 1-2-3!  Move leads along the visual pipeline until they are done deals! Email your leads 1-1 from ZYM and build up your pipeline full of hot leads ready to convert to WON.

Take a free 14 day trial here. Want to find out more about how Zym works? Click here to view the video tour.