Cyber Risk
FAQ for Beginners
Cyber Risk
FAQ for Beginners

SMBs are big business for cyber criminals. Financial, reputational and legal problems can result from cyber incidents but are you are doing enough, in advance of an incident, to ensure that your business becomes more cyber resilient and your people become more cyber aware? Sometimes, it’s hard to know the right questions to ask. 

  • What is Cyber Security?
  • What is a Cyber Attack?
  • Why do we need Cyber Security?
  • Is Cyber risk only important for big companies?
  • Are there any government reports on Cybercrime in the UK?
  • Do SMBs understand their Cyber risk?
  • How can Cyber Plus Solutions help my business? 

To get you started with these questions,  you may find our report “Cyber risk – FAQ for Beginners” to be of interest. 

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"Cyber Risk - FAQ for Beginners"
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