7 Reasons you should be using TikTok for your Small Business.

TikTok trends get Traction for Your Business

Yes, we’re serious. TikTok may just feel like the latest teenage trend (particularly to those of us who remember OG trends like MySpace) but if there’s one thing we know, trends get traction!

TikTok is more than just dancing kids and cute animals. This year it reported nearly 690 million active users – that’s more than Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat (DataReportal, 2021.) The app has been downloaded more than 2 billion times to smart devices. Users spend an average of 52 minutes on TikTok every day! That’s a huge wealth of potential customers.

Okay, so TikTok is popular. But what does that mean for you? How can you convert TikTok’s huge reach into sales for your small business? We have 7 reasons that every smart business owner should be making the most of TikTok’s influence.


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1. Showcase your Product

You’ve spent ages developing your business, perfecting your product, and building your brand. No one knows it better than you! TikTok is the perfect platform to show of the best parts of your product. You can record yourself using your product in your day-to-day life, demonstrate its quality, or show step-by-step how it’s created. Videos of small business processes- candle pouring, embroidery, space renovations- see huge success on the platform. Plus, when people see the effort that goes into creating the final product, they tend to better understand why you set costs.

2. Flex your creativity

There are hundreds of trending topics, sounds, and hashtags circulating TikTok every day. Show off your creative muscles by making these trends work for you! Showcase the high-quality clothes you make in the latest dance challenge. Do a before and after of the results of your cleaning service with a trending Olivia Rodrigo song. The possibilities are endless, and people love to engage with original content that doesn’t feel like a traditional advertisement.

3. Comparisons with competitors

You know how much work goes into your business. Your careful attention to detail, your personal customer service touches, the extra mile you always seem to reach- these things pay off.

One of TikTok’s most popular features is video stitching or recording your video side-by-side with another user’s. You can use this to directly compare your product with your competitor’s. If it’s better quality, don’t be afraid to show it off!

4. Reach your target audience

Have you ever scrolled through the For You Page on TikTok and come across a post that feels almost… too specific?

It might feel freaky at first, but that’s because TikTok’s algorithm is unrivalled. They not only track what videos you watch, but which ones you engage with, what you spend the most time watching, and what type of content people like you also engage with. So, what does that mean?

It means it’s easier than ever to get your product in front of the people it’s actually meant for! Instead of casting a wider net and hoping to get lucky, it’s like the net will find you the best spot. After all, what’s the point in making great content for your business if it doesn’t turn into sales?

5. Show the person behind your business

Part of what makes small businesses shine is the passion that goes into them. TikTok is a great resource to share your passion with the world! One thing consumers always respond to is the personal touches. By introducing yourself and explaining what your business means to you, you’re creating a deeper relationship with potential customers and making them feel as though they know you.

TikTok might still feel like the newest teenage trend to many of us, but so did Facebook once upon a time. TikTok is coming up fast, and savvy businesses should jump on the train now before they miss their window.

Using TikTok for your small business

Image courtesy of Canva


6. Easy sharing to other platforms

So TikTok is clearly a great resource, but what if your target audience can’t be found there? Not a problem. The sharing feature on TikTok makes it easy to export your content from the app. You can post your video to your Twitter feed, Instagram story, or Facebook wall straight from the TikTok app.

Have you ever struggled with your content being reshared without your permission? When you share TikToks to other platforms, the content always includes your username and handle on the video. You never have to worry about your content being passed off as someone else’s again!

7. TikTok’s business feature

 TikTok makes it easy for you to tailor your ads to exactly what you want. Within the app’s business feature, you can set your ad preferences to decide who you want to see your content, how much you want to spend on your ad, and even design your video within the app. Once your ad goes live, you can track its progress with TikTok’s outstanding analytics. You can see exactly who’s viewing your ad, how long they’re watching it, and what they do after they’ve seen it.

TikTok is the next frontier of digital marketing. It’s a platform that allows your team to flex their creativity and monitor engagement precisely. But don’t just take our word for it! You can check out TikTok’s algorithm for yourself today- just be careful you don’t get stuck watching for hours.

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