Why Email Automation is Key to Increasing Conversions

The eCommerce industry has experienced a recent boom due to more people doing their shopping online as a consequence of the pandemic. This change in shopping behaviour has presented businesses with some exciting opportunities to optimise their online sales. Having a website that is set up to convert visitors to customers is critical to this but another key enabler in achieving a high rate of conversions is to ensure systems such as email automation are in place to maximise sales opportunities. These are some of the ways email automation can boost conversions:

Abandoned cart redirections

Once someone has added items to a shopping cart, they might not go ahead with the purchase for several reasons, such as not having time to put the payment details in, not having their payment card with them, or are not quite sure if they want to go ahead with the purchase yet. Email automation can be set up to email people with abandoned carts to encourage them to finish their shop and redirect them straight to their shopping cart, which can significantly boost conversions.

Increased personalisation

Email automation software allows you to create more personalised messages, for example, including the first name or information collected in your CRM. Personalisation helps to catch attention and build trust in your brand and therefore helps to drive conversions up.

Ability to split test

For your email marketing to be successful, it is important to be able to split test different content to see which works better and achieves a higher rate of conversions. With email automation software, you can easily split test to try different variations on your content and change your CTAs, for example, to see what works best.

Allows you to see who your most active leads and customers are

Email marketing software gives you key insights into the success of your emails in metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate and unsubscribe rate. By monitoring these metrics, you can see who your most active leads are (the ones who open, click-through and convert) and see who is not engaging with your email at all.

You can send more relevant emails to customers

Email automation allows you to send more relevant emails, such as sharing new product updates for the type of products they have been interested in before. For example, if someone bought an iPhone a year ago, they might be considering upgrading soon. Therefore, when the latest iPhone model gets launched, they are likely to be more interested than someone who has previously bought a Samsung phone. The more relevant the messages you send, with the type of products or services the email recipient will be interested in, the higher conversion rates you can achieve. There are many ways that email automation can boost your business and you can seamlessly introduce it by choosing software that is easy to use. Zym provides email automation tools that are intuitive and will help you to increase conversions.

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