How to Increase Conversions for Your Business

The key success metric of your marketing is how many conversions you generate and sometimes just a small detail could be holding you back from a higher conversion rate. If you are spending time, energy and money on your marketing strategy then you want to see a substantial ROI. Website conversion rates average at around 2% but many websites have a rate as low as 0.1%.

If you are not getting the conversion results that you are looking for, you need to adapt your strategy, but it may only require some tweaking as opposed to bigger changes.

Here are some proven ways to boost conversion rates:

Simplify the user experience

You should aim to make it very easy for website visitors to find what they need, which includes clear navigation menus, as well as formatting that makes it is easy to scan text and important information such as contact details should be easy to find. If you are using forms, make sure you do not have unnecessary fields, as this takes up time for no reason.

Split test your marketing campaigns

To work out your most effective marketing techniques you should split test your emails, ad copy, images, landing pages and call-to-actions. This way, you learn which techniques will bring the most success in future.

Make sure your website is mobile optimised

Studies show that around 55% of global website traffic was from mobile devices in the first quarter of 2021. This had increased from approximately 50% in 2017, and the trend of increasing mobile device usage for visiting websites is expected to continue over the next few years. Therefore, it is crucial that your website is optimised for mobile users so that they can easily access content on your website.

Strong CTAs

Your call-to-actions on your website and in your emails must be clear and compelling. Choosing the right colours and sizes for buttons or text links can help you to create strong CTAs that will encourage people to do the action that you require. Use split testing to find the best position to place your CTAs.

Earn trust

New website visitors who have not used your business before are likely to be hesitant about choosing your business. This is why it is important to build up trust, which you can do by displaying testimonials as well as providing guarantees to give them peace of mind about using your services or buying your products.

Set up an automated sales funnel

Delivering marketing campaigns is time-consuming but with the right tools, you can set up automated processes that will help you to increase your conversions. Using digital solutions such as Zym can help you to automate activities such as email scheduling, social post publishing and PPC ads. This helps to free up your time while still executing powerful marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales.

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