B2Bs – Facts about ZYM Website Reveal. Find the companies actively searching for the products/services you provide and have found your website in the process.

1. The Background – your B2B customers are searching for you.

Your B2B customers are searching online, would you like to know as a B2B business if a potential buyer was searching for a solution online and had found your business website?  Would you like insight into which companies are visiting your website?  Even better, would you like a tool that could find the emails you need from the companies that have visited your website?  ZYM has the tool you are looking for called Website Reveal, find out more here.

2. The Stats on online B2B online searches.

Recent stats from Business 2 Community in 2020 show that 61% of B2B Buyers are now searching online, with an average of 12 online searches before making a purchase.  Wouldn’t you like to know if they had found your website on one of their searches? (https://financesonline.com/b2b-statistics/, image credits financesonline, business2community) So you know that your buyers are online, they are out there searching for solutions to their problems, how can ZYM Website Reveal tool increase the intelligence you get from your website? It’s easier than you think!

3. ZYM Website Reveal Tool – finds the buyers on their buyer journey.

ZYM Website Reveal tool can really help you level up your marketing efforts and build your database, finding interested buyers at the very moment they are on their buyer journey.  This tool could prove to be a very important part of your marketing toolkit, and at just £30 per month you can get up to 100 business emails added to your database every month.  Find out more here.

4. Find out about the companies that are visiting your website.

Yes it is true, ZYM’s website reveal tool can tell you which companies have visited your website, when, for how long and which pages they visited.  The Website Reveal tool uses the latest technology to identify IP addresses that belong to businesses, you can then see who has been visiting your website, with details like the date, length of the visit, pages visited and if it is a return visit or a first visit.  Find out more here.

5. Turn B2B Website visits into email addresses.

ZYMs website reveal tool will let you identify the email addresses you need from the companies that have visited your website.  You can do this within the ZYM Website Reveal job role filter, if it is a owner/manager email you are searching for, you can set this up in the Website Reveal, then choose the specific companies you want to reveal emails for and the Website reveal tool will search for that email address and return it automatically, adding it to your database of contacts.  Sign up free here.

6. Build a database of contacts that are already interested in your product or service.

Revamp and build up your database – the website reveal tool means you have the power to build a database of contacts that are searching for a solution like the one your business offers.  The company has already found your website in a search engine, the next step available to you is to reveal an email address from that visit, build your database with those contacts showing interest and email them. Amazing right?  Find out more here.

7. Set up website goals and monitor those companies that achieve the goals.

Do you have a really important page on your website?  Is there a page on your website which has a great hook or a Call to Action that you would like to monitor interaction on?  You can set that up as a goal on ZYM.   When you use the website reveal tool from ZYM you can set up and monitor website goals to gauge how interested your website visitors are and to set apart those visitors who are really interested in your products or services.  This will help you to target those companies who are showing more interest and you can spend more time on the customers showing more potential.  Find out more here.

8. Fully GDPR Compliant.

The process used by ZYM Website Reveal is fully compliant with GDPR; the data provided is publicly available business emails, ZYM will never return personal email addresses.

Find out more about ZYM Website reveal here, you can try it for free.  This tool is specifically aimed at small B2Bs and is an affordable addition to your marketing strategy.

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